The Full Story




I have climbed many mountains, swam in many sacred rivers, and sat in many

faraway places in search of wisdom. The wisdom that can be remembered only, in your heart.

Dominic is a creator and holder of sacred space. A carrier of earth medicine, He

uses both ancient and modern modalities. To form a clear dialog of gratitude on

the highway that runs from the mind to the heart. In reciprocity with this sacred

land, we all share.

He has studied stillness in the temples of Thailand, how to build a heart-based

community in world-renowned mastermind groups, and learned how to pray in

the mountains of Ecuador. Although, his journey has taken him to many places.

He is a firm believer that where you stand at this moment is the most sacred




"I carry a deep commitment in my heart to be of service to others. Weaving a thread of stability in the tapestry of life."

Forever a student to the art of good living 

Dominic D

Founder at The Float Society and Harmonics of the sun

To a good day

A good life

A beautiful thread

An abundant weaving!