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How Does Floating Therapy Help Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women can benefit from floating therapy in several different ways. Floating will relieve the pressure on the back and feet and can offer an escape from the added strain and weight from carrying a baby.


Floating can also help mothers by creating a sense of connection with their baby. Some women see similarities between the womb and floating, which helps deepen the connection to their unborn baby.


It can also help with sleep patterns. One hour in floating therapy can be the equivalent to four to six hours of deep rest. Since there isn’t any stimulation to the body and the mind, the brain will enter the theta state, giving the mom-to-be an opportunity to recharge.


Pregnancy can be stressful and floating therapy can help reduce stress. It can also help reduce inflammation and swelling that are common during this time.


Even with the benefits, pregnant women still need to get the all clear from their doctor before participating in any floating therapy.

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