New offerings

After years of studying the proper way to hold intention behind ceremonies. We are beyond excited to share these new offerings with our family. 

Traditional Andean Smudging Ceremony 

This ceremony is used to cleanse our physical bodies of any stagnation that may be present and hinder our ability to step into our highest purpose. We utilize sounds and sacred herbs to assist in moving old stagnation to allow space for new refreshing energy. This modality has been taught to me by my teachers of the high Andes in Ecuador. 


Cost $35 ( or $20 if you book along with a float)  call (708) 330-5340 to book

Hapé Ceremony

Hapé Medicine is a sacred tobacco snuff. It is applied through the nostrils using a sacred Tepi pipe.  This medicine has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples surrounding the amazon in south America. This medicine has the intelligence to clear the clutter that sits in the pathway of the heart and the mind. It arrives you to the present moment with a deep sense of groundedness. We prepare this ceremony in a traditional way that honors the lineage from which I was taught from. It takes about an hour and 30 min. 

It assists with mediation, mental clarity, groundedness, dream observation, connection to the natural world. 

Cost $150 call (708) 330-5340 to book