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3 natural hacks to prevent a nervous breakdown

Try these simple methods to create a better resilience for stress

1 - Taking time to slow down

It’s easier said than done but it really is crucial in eliminating the compounding of stress which can cause a nervous breakdown. A few ways to slow down are

2 - Move your body

It’s simple but it’s crucial find ways to move your body and get rid of the stagnant energy that is weighing you down. A few ways to move your body

  • Go for a hike

  • Try martial arts

  • Gym

  • Bike ride

  • Yoga

  • Dance

3 - Better sleep

We all know the importance of sleep. It is something we spend half of our life doing and it regulates every system in our body. When we get bad sleep our nervous system pays the price. A few ways to get better sleep

  • Darken your room

  • Limit caffeine after 2pm

  • Drop the temperature

  • Maintain a steady sleep/wake routine

  • Supplement magnesium

  • Get outside more

These are all methods that can be implemented today to help you prevent a nervous breakdown.

Big love

Much buoyancy

Dominic D founder @floatsociety

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