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Why do we do this ?

Why do we do this?

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

We judge everything we do as if it's not good enough.

We hardly even give ourselves gratitude for simply showing up.

Life calls for a lot of ups and downs. We often are in reactive mode due to the high volume of outside stimuli. It makes it very difficult to take a moment for inward reflection. Yet, if we implemented just a few minutes a day to sit with our small accomplishments we could alter the way we approach life.

We are constantly growing as individuals and it's often something to be proud of or at the very least bring awareness to.

The micro always defines the macro. The small moments of growth are what set big changes in motion. Taking small breaks of gratitude is very important to keeping momentum.

I created this small list to sit with and pour some gratitude into your day.

Please enjoy

As always

Much love & buoyancy

The Float Society

Please share this with someone who is always hard on themselves. Remind them of their good heart and small accomplishments.

We also created a mindfulness checklist. you can save all these images to your phone and glance at them whenever you need them! Mindfulness - Meditation - Balance

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