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Alternative Therapy

Alternative Therapy Options for Depression

Alternative therapies are health treatments that are not classified as standard Western medical practice. Using alternative therapies can help clients go back to the source of depression in life and learn ways to manage symptoms and improve overall function.


Exercise: Different forms of exercise lower stress, reduce depression, and increase energy levels. In general, exercise should be safe but it’s necessary to check with a doctor first.


Medication: This can also be described as an altered state of consciousness. It’s a form of relaxation that is entered into purposefully. When practiced regularly, the body is at rest and the mind is cleared by focusing on one thought.


Yoga: Practicing yoga allows you to learn breathing techniques that can help energize you when you're feeling down and calm you down at times when you could be feeling anxious.


Relaxation: Entering a state of relaxation, such as through floating therapy, can create calm in your mind and be used to help with coping skills to overcome stress, pain, depression, and insomnia.

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