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Magnesium Float Tank Near Me

Tips for Floating in a Magnesium Float Tank Near Me

Going to a magnesium float tank near me has plenty of benefits but there are some tips to keep in mind, especially if it is your first visit.


If you have any open cuts on your body, you may want to cover these with Vaseline since open skin won’t feel good when coming in contact with Epsom salt.


You could have difficulty relaxing your neck during your first time floating. You may be able to bring a small floatation device to put under your neck. You can also use your arms to hold up the head but then you aren’t truly relaxing.


It’s best not to have expectations for your first time at a magnesium float tank near me. Some people float just to relax, while others have transcendental reasons. You will enjoy it more if you let it be whatever it is for you and it could be different every time you go.


Don’t have anything scheduled after your float since you will be mellow for a day or two.

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