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Zero Gravity Float Tank

Can You Fall Asleep in a Zero Gravity Float Tank?

Falling asleep in a zero gravity float tank in Willow Springs, IL, can happen but it’s not as common as you think. If you do nod off, it’s likely that your brain is in a state of hypnagogia, which is the state between wakefulness and slumber.


If you do happen to fall asleep during your float session, know that you are still getting all the benefits such as relieving muscle tightness and tension. Floating gives many physical benefits that don’t require any conscious input so napping is not a problem.


If you are worried about the safety of falling asleep in a zero gravity float tank, don't be. The tank is not filled with that much water and this is similar to a bathtub. There is so much Epsom salt in the tank that you are buoyant. Many tanks are equipped with safety in mind so if you are worried, you can get out at any time.

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