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227,760 hours

227,760 hours

Or 26 years

That is the amount of sleep the average person gets in their lifetime.

Yet, our sleep is hardly ever optimal.

We wake up groggy and feel tired throughout the day.

Our relationship with sleep needs to be reinvigorated

The problem is most of us find ourselves

⛔️getting to bed to late

⛔️looking at screens in bed

⛔️tossing and turning

If our sleep is not optimal how can we expect our performance to be anything close to optimized?

Here are a few ways to get better sleep

✅ Get blackout curtains

✅ Drop the temperature in your room

✅ No caffeine after 2pm

✅ No screens 2 hours before bed

These simple things can reprogram our relationship with sleep and develop a healthy deep rest.

Best of all besides the curtains, these are all free things to implement tonight

The science of sleep has peaked my interest over the past 8 years

I have studied ways to track my sleep and how to get into the deeply restful state so I can wake up refreshed

Ready to approach the day with bee and noble poise

If you would like to learn more drop an 😴 in the comments

Big love

& much buoyancy

The Float Society

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