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4 Minute Morning Routine

For most of us, as soon as our feet hit the floor we are off to the races to start the day. Even worse as soon as we awake we tend to grab our phones.

Artificial blue light is not the greatest way to start your morning nor is not taking a moment to pause and drop in.

Let's unfold right into this quick and effective 4 minute morning routine

First things first drop the phone when you wake up

Minute one


Scientifically proven to feel

better, release stress, &

rewire the brain. Bring your

awareness into your heart

center as you soak in what,

you're grateful for. Your

heart's electromagnetic

the field will balance your

the energy within your body &

6 feet outwards.

Minute two

Stretch + Jump

An easy way to boost

circulation in your body.

Blood carries oxygen +

nutrients for energy.

Lymphatics rely on movement

to get moving & detox energy-draining toxins.

Your heart +

lymphatics get moving with

gentle stretching or I minute

jump rope.

Minute 3

Deep Breathing

10 deep belly breaths first

thing flood your body with

energizing oxygen & life

force energy. The key?

Breathe with INTENTION

for your body to heal & feel

energized. Deep breaths

activate the calming

nervous system to regulate

the stress response.

Minute 4

Water + Intention

Take a minute to drink

water with intention. Treat it

like a mini-meditation. Feel

grateful, visualize your day

going as planned, speak

life + good into your body &

water as you drink it. Water

is energy & has memory.

Infuse it with loving

intention to energize your


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