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5 Proven methods for rapid recovery

1. Acupuncture

one of the oldest healing methods in the world acupuncture has been proven to help with muscle fatigue cause by over training and management of muscle pain. used for over 5,000 years originally used to align the bodies flow of subtle energy known also as ki, chi, or qi. Western practitioners may not fully align with its ancient uses but they have come to find that it actually does work not only for chronic pain but also ailments like allergies, headaches, and depression.

2. Foam Roller

A seemingly simple and affordable method for relief. Deep-tissue therapy along with trigger-point therapy are the real only ways to remove knots within muscles. Stretching after a work out may seem great but it should only be done after foam rolling tension points. Stretching before rolling will only cause your muscle knots to become tighter so be sure to roll out your muscles first!

3. Ice Bath

We know the sound of stepping into freezing water doesn't sound the most enticing yet, several research shows doing so can fast track physical recovery. Also it helps us deal with stress by introducing us to a manageable stressor thus helping us cope with unexpected stress better. Cold showers are another great option if setting up an ice bath is not in the cards.

4. Good Hydration

This is pretty self explanatory but aim to get at least 3-4 liters of water in a day.

5. Better Sleep

SLEEP is the biggest hack we can use to perform at our best and help our bodies recover. We suggest to stop looking at screens at least an hour before bed. Also recommend setting up a HUE light control by Phillips these lights help mimic the sun and gradually get brighter and dimmer to relate to the suns natural schedule thus engaging our circadian rhythm. Floating also allows your body time to destress and helping you slip into deep sleep when its time for bed. Cut out sugar and caffeine around 2pm.

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