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A flower doesn’t compare itself to other flowers it simply blooms

A flower doesn’t compare itself to other flowers it simply blooms. There are many catalogs with tips about building yourself up. After all confidence is a huge contributor to overall happiness. We live in an era of constant competition, flaring egos combating to be “the best”. I think every one I know has struggled with self confidence at a certain point in their lives, so let’s dive in. How well do you know yourself? how sharp is your awareness, are you here now? Self doubt comes in many forms but I feel like it stems from a detachment within our own selves. We forget that the chances of us being here, living this life as humans is a very rare thing in the vastness of the universe. I read somewhere 400 Trillion to 1 are the chances, but who can really quote that. The point here is to build a foundation of confidence through gratitude, you are here you are alive and you’ve been picked to live out this amazing life. You are good enough, this is something to be grateful for, and something you should remind yourself of every morning. Using gratitude as a tool, some amazing things start to happen. Almost instantly you leave your headspace and you enter your body, a state of awareness consumes you, and the air breathes new life into your vessel. Being grateful for where you are now nearly wipes out the triggers that bring out your lack of confidence. Give it a try next time you’re feeling less than others, give thanks for simply being you and watch the shift begin. I also firmly believe that a balanced life style can build you up to new heights. Think of balance as the first floor and gratitude as the foundation. A balanced lifestyle includes a healthy diet, one that makes you feel good after you eat. Revitalized with clean sustainable energy. Exercise, is key even if it’s only a walk take time out of your day to exercise. Take time for yourself, do you have any hobbies? then commit yourself to them once a week take a couple hours and work on a project, finishing something like a puzzle can bring great joy and also build you up. This ones my favorite, TREAT YOURSELF once a week do the one thing that makes you feel amazing if its eating a juicy cheeseburger then by all means go for it. Using a reward method one day a week can lift you up, as you realize I did great this week I deserve this treat. This next one is floors 2-6 on top of our foundation, surrounding yourself with people who lift you up. If your friends don’t make you feel good, they are not your friends. No one needs acidic people in their lives. I am beyond grateful for my group of friends they are my tribe and they build me up. Without that I would have so much more self doubt. Be with people who want you to thrive, not just survive. This goes for intimate relationships also, if your other half doesn’t want you to succeed you should ask yourself about the intentions of that relationship.The last floor of our building of confidence is, Stepping out of your comfort zone, for this is where growth takes place. When we grow we begin to thrive thus our confidence becomes radiant, not in a competitive way but in a way that no one can can even touch. You begin to glow from the inside out not the other way around. This is where true beauty resides and it will begin to surface through your vessel.

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