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A gift guide for presence

The season is upon us. A time to show gratitude and love to those closest to us.

As we approach this more introspective time of the year we have curated a gift guide for those who value presence

Sleep Hygiene

Helix has built a reputation of being a trusted online mattress brand determined to bring sleepers a mattress that matches their own unique “Sleep DNA.” Rather than offer just one Helix mattress model, they make over 10, but we actually think they do a good job of keeping it simple for the consumer. It’s a rather interesting concept compared to a lot of other online beds. While the whole idea might seem a tad bit overwhelming, Helix offers a helpful sleep quiz to help you through the selection process and pairs you with a mattress that works best for you based on the answers you selected.

Sunrise mode on smart lights, or as Hue likes to call it, the “Wake up with light” automation. Set it up with your bedroom light and chose it to fade in to mimic a sunrise. This ensures peaceful waking vs a loud blazing alarm.

Blackout curtains create a dark environment, insulate thermal loss, reduce noise, and keep sunlight from entering your room (or wake you up). All of these factors are known to help improve sleep quality.

Stress Resilience Tools

Very few methods result in as much relaxation as floatation therapy. It has shown time and time again to help thousands with stress and anxious feelings. As you drift into a space between wakefulness and sleep you find yourself stepping out of the tank deeply rested and stress-free. The ultimate gift for those seeking true rest. Float Society is offering some incredible deals on this service!

One of the best-known ways to take an edge off

I have found these to be great allies on my journey. Whether dropping into meditation or needing a little extra support the weighted blanket seems to calm my nerves and bring me to a rested state.

These make a great relaxing experience and we recommend Little Buddha by Daisy

Healing Experiences

* these are not novelty experiences these are deep profound journeys that require a bed rock of stability and reverence for these sacred paths. I share these with this community based on the conversations we have shared and state that only you should hear the call to sit with these medicines. These sacred tools are not a cure to all things, only a remembering of your innate brilliance. They require deep preparation and integration.

Casa Del Sol & Hayulima retreat centers

Ayahuasca and San Pedro retreats, one of them is located in the valley of longevity in Ecuador and the other is in the cloud forest of Mindo, Ecuador. The families who run these retreats are well-trusted and some of the greatest teachers I've ever met in my life. I have the fullest trust in them. Ayahuasca and San Pedro are both entheogenic plants that have been used for centuries to help individuals live a more profound life. Santiago, Ximena, Salvador, and Paulina are keepers of ancient wisdom and have been working with these plants for many many many years. Please remember that only YOU can hear the call and know when to sit with these medicines.

This is a visual prayer of gratitude. Taught to us by shamans of the Q'ero lineage in the high andes of Peru. These are powerful forms of reciprocity and work to show gratitude or carry a prayer. Here at Float Society we host this sacred ceremony for you.


We think gifting a gym membership is a great way to say I love you.

This program requires no weights only your body and commitment. It's an excellent tool that I have personally used for years now for mobility, strength, and durability.

These are some of the best tools and experiences we have found to align with your deepest presence

We hope you find massive value in this shopping list and gift what's important in life clarity, presence, and wellbeing

Big love

Much buoyancy

The Float Society

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