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A Look At The Float Society Process

Updated: May 5, 2023

A Look At The Float Society Process

Welcome to The Float Society!

If you haven't yet experienced the miracles of floating, then you're in luck. Our mission is to provide a safe, sacred space for deep relaxation and mindful exploration. We understand that self-care is essential for leading healthy and meaningful lives, which is why we've developed an impactful three-step process designed to help bring balance and harmony into your life. We invite you to join us as we embark on this journey of inner exploration and healing together. Let's dive in!

1. Exploring the Benefits of Floatation Therapy – what to expect and why it is beneficial

2. Educating on the Basics of Floatation Therapy – the science, equipment, and environment behind the method

3. Reducing Stress with floatation therapy

4. our three step processes step one: preparation step: grounding step three: integration

Exploring the Benefits of Floatation Therapy – what to Expect and why it is beneficial

Floatation therapy is an experience that can be hard to explain until you experience it for yourself. Essentially, it involves lying in a salt-water solution for an hour, allowing your body and mind to completely relax. It can be an intensely empowering and transformative experience. Studies have shown that dropping cortisol levels, improving sleep quality and diminishing chronic pain symptoms are just some of the benefits of floatation therapy; not to mention greater mental clarity, improved problem-solving skills, and calming of the central nervous system. The environment is also incredibly relaxing – think low lights, cozy music, and no gravity! Without all of our senses being stimulated constantly as we navigate through everyday life, time ceases to exist as you reach a state of deep relaxation very specific to floatation therapy. Give it a try if you're seeking something different to bring peace into your life!

Educating on the Basics of Floatation Therapy – the science, equipment, and environment behind the method

Floatation therapy is becoming increasingly popular for its many holistic health benefits. To understand why it works, and to appreciate the method fully, it's important to look at the science, equipment, and environment behind floatation therapy. The Float Society believes in educating our members on these three components so they can get the most out of the experience. The water you'll float in contains a solution of Epsom salts, providing buoyancy and weightlessness. Relieving all strain on your body during a float can decrease stress hormone levels by over 80%, as studies have demonstrated. Our custom-designed room is sound-proofed and insulated; this way you can find complete peace with reduced external stimuli such as lights and noise. Finally, we strive to create an attitude of safety, relaxation, openness, absorption, exploration, and creativity. Our float facilitators are passionate about creating a sacred space that allows people from all backgrounds to find healing through floating.

Reducing Stress with floatation therapy

Reducing stress can be a challenge but it is totally achievable. Floatation therapy is an excellent way to reduce stress because it provides an environment that encourages your body and mind to relax deeply. Floating in a pool of warm water with salt concentration that is saturated enough to keep your body afloat has been linked to reduced cortisol levels, the hormone associated with stress. With specially designed pods or tanks that block out sound and light, you create a sacred time and space for yourself allowing for truly sacred healing time. The beautiful thing about floatation therapy is that not only does it help us reduce stress levels but also brings awareness gently back into our body allowing us to find balance both mentally and physically.

Our three-step process step one: preparation step: grounding step three: integration

Our three-step process is meant to set an intentional and mindful space for you.

Step one: Preparation is all about setting your intention, being clear, and being open to vulnerability.

Step two: grounding allows you to take the time needed to center yourself before integration.

Step three: integration should be done with a sacred practice of journaling down your experience as it helps connect you deeper with yourself.

Through our simple yet effective process, we consistently strive to honor each individual in their journey to growth utilizing set intention, grounding, and integration practices.

Floatation therapy is a powerful tool to cope with the stress and anxiety of everyday life. By taking the time to intentionally slow down, check in with yourself, and reconnect to your deeper self, you can make powerful transformations within. The preparatory process allows us to ground our energy and be present in the moment while being supported, while the integration stage requires us to be open and trust the exploration. Here at The Float Society, we offer a safe space for relaxation needs, making it a perfect environment for those who suffer from pain, stress or are simply looking for an incredibly peaceful experience. Our three-step process can guide you through this invigorating journey outwardly toward a more grounded presence in life. Are you interested in trying floatation therapy? Call us today!

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