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The busier the city or town the less we look at each other in the eyes. In fact, it has become such that looking someone in the eyes can be viewed as invasive. As we peer deeply into our cell phones only taking a quick break to roll the neck as to avoid a cramp.

Lately, I catch myself in complete awe as I gaze into the astounding masterpiece of the eye. It seems everyone's eyes are truly unique and a beautiful display.

Around the end of 2019 ( just before the madness ) I was lucky enough to experience an event that highlighted the importance of community.

In a small town in Wisconsin, hundreds of musicians and artists streamed into this small town to ignite the flame of community.

I sat face to face with some of these humans and interacted from a stance of levity. No one was more than or less than each other.

There is something to be said about sharing intimate space with like-minded people. It rejuvenates the soul and sparks a passion.

I was reminded of what it means to really build a community. Each position really holds deep importance to the nucleus of the entire community.

Each person when living in their truth brings an absolutely valuable medicine to the entire tribe.

The issue is we are taught too often to not live in our truth. To live how the people around us live to not be different and to fall in line with what is the most popular opinion.

Building a conscious community requires deep introspection.

From every person involved.

As I sat amongst these artists in Wisconsin I observed how they responded to their surroundings and how the fans respected their humility. It was an equal give and take of well-balanced interaction.

Each conversation went far below the surface to extract the individual's truth. To bring it into being by accepting the entirety of the individual. The good and the bad.

This is what builds a conscious community.

Thank you for being a part of ours!

Bon Iver - Policia - Jon Hopkins - Big Red Machine

Eaux Claire Wisconsin 2019

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