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Cultivating a morning routine

How often do we hop out of bed and just start our day without taking a moment to connect to our intention ?

As far as I can remember most of my mornings consisted of jumping out of bed half awake grabbing coffee and half assed going through my day. It wasn't until my late twenties when I stated to cultivate a morning routine. Slowly I added many modalities to help center my mind and body so I could maneuver the day with full presence. I will go over briefly here my morning routine and then into depth of why I choose these actions.

First, when I open my eyes at 4:30 am ( yes I wake up that early to have a good chunk of time to facilitate my intention) I grab a liter of water and drink all of it before I even stand to my feet. Second I close my eyes and allow the subtle energy of gratitude to reverberate through my body. Third I step to my alter and take a few moments to pray for this body for this life. Fourth I start to brew my coffee its a slow pour over process and allows me to become present through a task. Once my coffee is done brewing I pour a cup and head outside to embrace the stillness of the early morning. Once my mind is still I start my drive to work. Once arriving at work I hit a 30 min bodyweight workout to get the blood flowing I take an ice cold shower followed by a 20 min near red and infrared light therapy. Only then do I step to my computer to start my work day.

I will go over a few reasons why I choose these and why it is so important to have a morning routine. The reason I start my day at 4:30 am is more of a promise to myself that no one will out work me. During sleep we loose a lot of hydration through normal bodily processes this is why I take down a liter of water as soon as I awake this helps replenish my body and begins the flow of energy within my vessel. Gratitude is the anchor for my day this is why I sit for a few moments before my feet hit the ground to just feel gratitude in every aspect of my life even the "bad stuff" which are usually just lessons. I step to my prayer traditions to awake the mind and heart and form the pathway between itself. Coffee is a large part of my life, nothing sets my day like a damn good cup of coffee not for the energy aspect but more so the reward system process. I gift my self this coffee as a way to say thank you for the work you're about to put in today. Brewing my own coffee provides my the time to practice awareness through a task. Becoming fully present through this process. I incorporate movement through a body weight work out and this allows my body to become fully awake through exercise followed by a Wim Hoff breathing exercise. After a work out I shock my nervous system with an ice cold shower. This task prepares my mental and physical to deal with any possible stressors that may occur through the day. Cold submersion is an excellent tool to deal with stress and if you take anything away from this I hope it is a cold shower! After that I hit the near red and infrared light therapy this increases ATP production (cellular energy) as well as collagen production and regulates melatonin.

Once this routine is complete and only then will I step to my computer to start my work day. We are tasked in this life to operate at our highest level. Often we are operating at a very low vibration due to external stressors, yet if we allow ourselves a chunk of time in the morning to get our minds, hearts, spirits in alignment we become the intention we seek. Morning routines are the one most crucial aspect of my life as well as the lives of some of the most successful people ( not only monetary success but however you define it.) I implore you to start small and begin to snowball modalities that bring energy and clarity to your morning. If you have any questions feel free to reach out or leave a comment I would gladly go into more depth on some of these tools!

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