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Overcoming Float Therapy Fears: Debunking Misconceptions at Float Society

Updated: May 13, 2023

Float therapy, also known as sensory deprivation or flotation therapy, offers numerous benefits such as stress reduction, pain relief, and enhanced mental clarity. Despite its growing popularity, some individuals are hesitant to try float therapy due to certain misconceptions and fears. In this blog post, we aim to debunk these common float therapy misconceptions and share how The Float Society provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for those new to this wellness practice.

1. Overcoming Claustrophobia in The Float Society's Spacious Float Suite

A prevalent concern associated with float therapy is the potential feeling of claustrophobia within the float tank. At The Float Society, our float tank is considerably more spacious than people envision. Moreover, you have complete control over the float tank environment, with options to leave the door ajar, utilize gentle lighting, or play soothing music upon request.

2. Preventing Boredom During Float Sessions at The Float Society

The prospect of boredom during a float session may deter some individuals, as they might assume they'll have nothing to do but float. Float therapy at The Float Society, however, is intended to create a serene, meditative space where you can focus on your thoughts, practice mindfulness, or simply revel in the sensation of weightlessness. Many people find their float sessions at our facility deeply relaxing and mentally restorative.

3. Ensuring Safety from Drowning in The Float Society's Float Tanks

Some individuals may worry about falling asleep in the float tank and potentially drowning. Rest assured that the high concentration of Epsom salt in the water at The Float Society makes it extremely buoyant, making it nearly impossible to accidentally roll over or sink. Even if you were to doze off during your float therapy session, your body would remain safely afloat.

4. Maintaining Hygiene in The Float Society's Float Therapy Center

Hygiene is a common concern for those considering float therapy. At The Float Society, we prioritize cleanliness and adhere to strict sanitation protocols. The water in our float tanks contains a high concentration of Epsom salt, which is a natural disinfectant. Additionally, the water is filtered and treated with UV light & hydrogen peroxide between float therapy sessions to ensure a sanitary environment.

5. Controlling Anxiety During Float Therapy Sessions at The Float Society

Some people may fear losing control during their float therapy session, worrying about potential anxiety or panic attacks. At The Float Society, it's essential to remember that you have complete control over your float experience, including the option to exit the tank at any time. Our team provides tips and guidance for first-time floaters, helping you feel more comfortable and in control of your sensory deprivation experience.

By debunking these common float therapy misconceptions and addressing the fears surrounding sensory deprivation, we hope to empower you to make an informed decision about whether this unique wellness experience is suitable for you. The Float Society is dedicated to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment for all float therapy enthusiasts. Overcoming these float therapy fears may open the door to a transformative and restorative experience at our facility.

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