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Floatation therapy for depression

How floating works to decrease depression

Imagine this...

You have 1 full hour of undisrupted time being essentially weightless.

Sounds like a hoop dream right?

Not if you utilize floatation therapy as a wellness tool for your wellbeing.

You see, We all deal with some level of depression at certain stages of our personal journey. It hits hard and can keep us in a heavy mental state for a long time.

My personal journey was sprinkled with days, weeks, even months of a depressed mental state. It's actually one of the motivating factors on why Float Society exists.

During my episodes, I would search for so many alternate therapies. Having been prescribed several anti-depressants they would leave me feeling numb and with zero emotion. My search led me to all sorts of supplements and modalities that can ultimately alter my state of being so I could snap out of my depressive state.

But, it wasn't until I found floating that things really began to change. I remember vividly the first time I got into a tank. " what am I doing " was my first thought. After about 15 min of my mind racing a certain subject streamed into my consciousness. It presented itself in a way that allowed me to lean into the emotions surrounding it. This subject was my desire to always keep moving and not allowing deep relationships to form. I sat with this subject at the forefront of my consciousness. It allowed me to gain valuable insights into my evasive personality. It dug deeper and reflected to me that this loneliness I was feeling was because I was pushing everyone away by constantly moving.

This feeling of not having deep relationships was the root cause of the depression I was feeling at the time. If it wasn't for the stillness of floating I would still be moving. After about 15 min of orbiting this subject, I began to slip in between sleep and wakefulness. I could feel the tension dissipate and my emotional body become lighter.

When my float was done I had never felt so clear and free in my life. I actually had tears of joy.

Conventional measures to treat depression are being questioned a lot lately. Some of them do work but many of them leave the individual feeling disconnected from their lives. I was that person for a long time. Disconnected from my emotions by way of medicine that made me numb to them. I wanted to feel balanced, not numb. Floating brought me back to balance it allowed me to lean into my discomforts in a gentle and relaxing way so I could utilize the mental downloads to make changes to my life.

It was different from the bandaid approach most of western medicine shoves at us. It gave me time to go to the wound and heal it from within. That's true healing if you ask me.

I still deal with bouts of depression but they are very few and far in between these days. When I feel an episode I book a float and almost within 24 hours I notice a change mentally and become equipped with a new tool that assists me in walking a more balanced life.

If you have been searching for a different approach to depression I do recommend trying out 3 float sessions. 1 to get acclimated and the next to delve into your personal journey and pull out the wisdom that sits within.

Try floatation therapy for depression

Big Love

Much buoyancy

The Float Society

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