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Magnetized Mindset : Mastering Manifestation

Becoming cognizant of your mindset. Shifting your inner perspective to produce results in alignment with your true self.

Let's face it the term mind over matter holds extreme value to our daily lives. The brain is the ultimate tool and using it to your leverage can produce exciting results. The ultimate anchor for becoming aware of mindset is mindful breathing. Counting your breath for about a minute then letting it flow naturally. This will anchor you to the present moment and allow you to scan your body and mindset. Once aware of your inner dialog you can begin to alter it in ways to better serve you. Start small and slow but focus on building momentum towards your desired vision. Another great tool once you are scanning your inner is to practice gratitude. Being thankful for even the smallest things has shown to decrease depressive thoughts and boost motivation.

Slowing down is a heavy hitter when shifting mindset. Being rushed and busy may seem productive but often times it is the exact opposite. Try meditation even for just 5 minutes in the morning. Floatation therapy is the ultimate pause button for slowing down and if it resonates with you definitely give it a try. It lets your brain enter very deep states of rest where you can reprogram certain stress responses with practice.

Movement is just as important as slowing down. Getting the blood flowing sends oxygen to the brain which in return creates mental clarity.

Let's talk about the space between a vision and the manifestation. This is the most crucial period it is also the most difficult. Using the tips stated above will help you remain disciplined in your creative process. Always remember you will be waivered from your path the hardest in this period. Remaining vigilant in this time is the difference between dreaming and creating.

Manifestation can be tricky. If you think about said goals too hard it can actually push them away. There needs to be a softness think of water how powerful yet soft it is at the same exact time. Remind yourself of this flow and embody that while on your journey.

What's holding you back?

With love

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