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Mental Balance Approach

I wanted to share a few things that have helped tremendously during these times in bringing a center point to my personal mental health. As most of you know my name is Dominic I'm the guy at Float Society providing you a space to decompress and rejuvenate. During these past months, I have faced a lot of hardship as I'm sure you're right there with me. Its been a trying time for our physical, mental, and spiritual embodiments. Yet hard times remind us of our own personal strength and as we journey through this life we pick up new tools that can assist our well being. I want to dive into a couple of those tools!

First, and probably the most effective tool has been immersing in nature. Whether it be a short walk in the woods or working in the garden. Science proves that being in nature for 20 min a day has profound effects on our well being. Best of all its FREE! I personally found that my anxiety comes down quite a bit when I'm surrounded by trees. There are several paths of preserve right behind Float Society.

Second, Monitoring my sleep patterns is also a crucial tool I've used to get better sleep and perform on a more central level. A few techniques I like to use for falling asleep smoother are, Bluelight blocking glasses, Box breathing, restorative yoga, intermittent fasting, and sleepy time tea. Most of these you can find much information on a simple youtube search. Sleep is one of the most important things to how we function in waking life. Bad sleep equals bad days and causes extreme adrenal fatigue. If getting bad sleep often you will begin a snowball effect of not so good side-effects including a higher risk of accidents, serious health issues, depression, and weight gain just to name a few.

Third, Working out has taught me that moving my body creates a release of the feel-good hormone. I'm not talking extreme heavy weight lifting. I'm more along the lines of some bodyweight exercises or simply a long walk. Over quarantine, I joined ONNIT'S bodyweight challenge. It pushed me but most of all it was fun and rewarding. I will link their website so you can check it out you need no equipment just a willingness to show up. Moving the body in a fun way is a great practice of gratitude and the way onnit sets it up is they really dive into the gratitude aspect of having this body!

Fourth, Meditation I really don't need to explain a lot on this one but, this tool has been an anchor for these turbulent times. I suggest looking into east forest guided meditations I will link them as well!

Fifth, Wim Hof breathing techniques. This tool has brought upon so many physiological changes. It is an ancient technique made modern and brought to light by Wim. Some benefits I've noticed personally include better clarity, reduced fatigue, increased focus, more awareness of how I'm breathing through the day, and better sleep.

These are just a few tools you can implement in your journey for basically no cost. Google and youtube have awesome information on all of these. The main goal here is to step to life despite its turmoil with a new outlook on the day. It's very easy to get bogged down by the storms surrounding us yet if we just come back to center the skies clear for a bit and we remind ourselves we are safe, we are vibrant, we are here now.

With Love & Buoyancy

Dominic D


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