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Natural ways to increase BDNF levels

Is your brain worth salvaging? A protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) could be the answer to keeping you mentally switched on for life. High levels of BDNF rewire your brain, helping you learn faster, remember better, and age slower.

Keep reading to learn what BDNF is, its many benefits, and ways to increase this crucial protein.

What is BDNF

Think of brain-derived neurotrophic factor as a foundation for your brain health. You have billions of brain cells (aka neurons), and BDNF keeps them thriving and strong. When you release BDNF, it turns on a series of genes that grow brand-new brain cells and pathways.BDNF also strengthens the neurons you already have. Along with keeping you mentally alert and improving memory,[1] there are several other benefits of high BDNF levels.

Here are a few tips to raise your BDNF.

1. Exercise

Exercise that is high in endurance releases protein FNDC5 this results in a 200-300% increase in BDNF. [2]

2. Deep Sleep

BDNF is released during the deep stages of sleep. You cycle through the 4 stages of sleep every 90 minuets or so. There are certain tools you can use to stay in these deeper more restful stages of sleep, Floating is one of them!

3. Sunlight

There are countless benefits of getting good sun exposure. A few include increase in Vitamin D production, as well as improved mood. Sunshine will up your BDNF [3]

4. Hypoxia

This may sound extreme but stay with me here. Controlled breathing in forms of the Wim Hof Method deprive your brain of oxygen for a few brief moments, this technique instantly raises BDNF levels.[4]

5. Psychedelics

Psilocybin and LSD alike have both been in the media as of recent showing promising results in many fields of medicine. On top of their already researched benefits they have been shown to increase neurogenesis and BDNF production. [5][6]

These are still considered Ilegal and research is done in a controlled environment. We are in no way advocating unmonitored use of these substances.

6. Meditation

When it comes to sharpening your mind BDNF is one of the powerhouses. Try incorporating one or all of these methods to your daily routine. The brain is our greatest tool, when it comes to an aging body these methods can keep a youthful mind.

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