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Navigating peaks & valleys

Navigating peaks & valleys…⁣

Let us face it life is a wild f***ing ride…⁣

Equal parts beauty equal parts no bueno ⁣

We navigate to the best of our ability but do we know our own abilities?⁣

For the longest time, I can remember living in a reactive state of mind something would happen and I would react and repeat and repeat…⁣

When I was taught the simple task of observation at a Buddhist monastery in Thailand the reactions started to slow down or at least they could be seen before action was taken. ⁣


It is how athletes conquer competition how peak performs out beat the rest…⁣

It has been called the FLOW state or being fully present. ⁣

Entonces, life will always throw us curve balls but do we have to swing at every pitch? Or can we choose through our own ability to slow down and only swing at that which we know we will knock out of the park?⁣

Here are a few tips to step into your superpower of observation. ⁣

🌊Mediation ⁣

🌊Mindful breathing ⁣

🌊Floatation therapy ⁣

🌊Taking a walk outside ⁣

🌊Listening to calming music⁣

🌊Plant medicine ⁣

🌊Mindful eating ⁣

🌊Fasting ⁣

I implore you to try a few of these. Test them out to see what really resonates not every tool is for everyone. Journal your experience and give it a full 30 days of disciplined commitment. I assure you that small but powerful changes will be present. OWN YOUR F*****G POWER.

As always with much love & buoyancy ⁣

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