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Noise vs Harmony

Noise vs Harmony

A while back I caught myself becoming infatuated with noise

Noise is the constant backdrop of this buzzing society we all share

the sirens, the news, the anger, etc there’s always noise happening it’s complex and so multifaceted.

And very very loud

If we are not conscious of our thoughts it will pour over into every aspect of ourselves until we simply start spewing out the noise.

Then there’s harmony the sound of the breeze, that space you enter during meditation, bare footsteps on a lush field, a river streaming in the distance, the smell of a beautiful home-cooked meal, etc

There is nothing simple about harmony it’s a complex orchestra of beauty

But it brings this physical experience to a state of simplicity

( for me at least)

to hear the song in the wind moves me to align with harmony and consciously choose it over the noise.

And I believe that returning to this state of “simplicity” is honoring our true commitment to this life

And from going to this space we can alter the noise around us until it aligns with the orchestra of beauty.

Until we become harmonious with this sacred song of life and add to it metronomes of stability.

Are you hearing noise or are you choosing Harmony?

I ask myself this question 3 times a day.

Big Love

Much Buoyancy

The Float Society

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