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Passion Over Profit


When your story is told will it be defined of greatness or regret?

Collectively we all breathe the same air, why is it some of us achieve greatness while others live in decaying cycles of crippling life decisions. We have a short time to write our stories and for most of us only a few will read them.

There are patterns in all corners of this reality. Becoming aware of them and learning to weave the in between spaces is where the passionate shine. It takes great discipline to manuvere these spaces with a clear mind. Passion is the long game the slow and steady if you will. whereas the pursuit of profit is the quick sprint but often times when the race is over the unsteadieness sinks in. Passion is the whole picture taking all into consideration and profit is the tunnel vision. Macro vs Micro.

How do you define profit? is it a good nights rest or a new sweatshirt ? I am not bashing the enjoyment of material items I am simply asking to shift your perspective into what brings long lasting joy. Passion is the thing that kicks you out of bed in the morning ready to get after your dreams. Passion is your creation. We have 80-100 years on this planet and during that time we are bombarded with illusions of what happiness looks like. In the grand picture our spans are less than a blip on a radar time is the true profit and how we live our lives is the passion. They are not enemy's but often they are out of alignment with each other. Sink into the moment and ask yourself am I in alignment with my story.

With love

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