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Slowing down - the recipe for gratitude

How and why to slow down

It's all always happening so fast.

the morning becomes night before we can even get ready for the afternoon.

Today I found myself in the quick pace of life.

Hardly having a moment to slow down I found myself stressed and overwhelmed.

This evening I finally had a moment to slow down and have a cup of tea with my partner.

She was sharing with me a cooking class that she participated in today with her workmates and how cool it was that her job allocates time to fortify their employees with moments of creative teamwork and slowing down the pace

We began to speak about how quickly the days go and she brought up a huge reminder

She reminded me how important it is to create pockets of peace throughout the day like the tea and conversation we were sharing

How simple mundane things can become ceremonial landscapes of gratitude things like cooking, listening to a song, or having a cup of tea

How important it is to create routines in this space and how when we honor those routines we can slow down the quick pace of life and create a moment of fortitude

I don't think the overall pace of life will slow down anytime soon and to be honest, I enjoy the momentum and movement of being able to pivot with the quick pace

Though, I do witness that when I don't honor those moments to slow down, it begins to compound negatively and pours into the days to come

How to slow down

- Make a cup of tea

- Cook a meal

- Go for a walk

- Try slow breathing

- Try writing in a journal

- Express gratitude

- Listen to a song

I write this only to share my own remembering of how we need to honor the slowing down of time and share gratitude for my partner for the profound reminder

I hope as well that today you can find a moment or several to slow down

Big love

Much Buoyancy

Dominic D founder at The Float Society

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