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The Greatest anchor into remembering our knowing


It can guide us through the most intense journey and bring us to our most restful state.

It is the thread that weaves us into presence, into awareness.

At breakfast the other day an elderly woman was telling us how the first thing we do when we are born is inhale. The last thing we do upon exit of this grand journey is exhale.

A beautiful full circle.

She told us to celebrate every breath in between because this journey moves fast and through mindful breathing, we can pierce the illusion of time to slow it down a little.

So breathe deep into your heart and remember you are the weaver of this beautiful tapestry known as life.

Form the formless.

I hold big gratitude for the wisdom of this lady named Dolly. Such a kind presence with deep wisdom for how to live well.

To a good day and a good life

A beautiful thread and an abundant weaving!

Much Love & Buoyancy

The Float Society

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