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The subtle art of self sabotage

The subtle art of self-sabotage

Have you ever been so close to attaining the desired outcome and found the perfect way to mess it up?

I know I sure have

And I continuously do it...

We know we are worthy of the best

Yet our egoic sense says we are not

This is its defense mechanism

For if we live in a state of fear, unworthiness, or attachment

The ego is in control

Yet if we release those fallacy’s our soul sits in the driver seat

The soul whispers to our true sense of abundance continuously

We just have to shut up long enough to hear it

Cycles of self-sabotage repeat until we mindfully recognize the pattern and act to create a new one.

Ways to listen to its whisper

✅ Floating

✅ Plant medicine ceremony

✅ Meditation

✅ Sound journey

✅ Mindful cooking

✅ Open heart conversation

To name a few. These all require stillness, surrender, and discipline

If we put in the work and show up day in and day out the sabotage lessens and the alignment magnifies.

You are most definitely worthy Embody that worthiness live it, be it, breathe it

Big love 🌞

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