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The ways Floatation Therapy boosts your immune system

As we all know, these times have been very stressful. Stress is the quickest path to falling ill. Our immune systems are constantly at work but they need the proper tools to be efficient at doing what they do best.

More than ever, we are seeing the importance of a well-functioning immune system and one that is not in overdrive or under operating.

In 1983 a study showed that float therapy lowered epinephrine and cortisol. These two hormones alter the immune system. Cortisol, to an extent, is beneficial yet, when it gets too high, it hinders our immune system.

As most of you know, the primary effects of floating are a decrease in stress and a reduction of anxiety. This deep sense of relaxation gives our immune systems a chance to reload.

Here is some in-depth research on the biochemical reactions that occur during a session. Information provided by Ph. D candidate M.C. Flux

I implore you to take a look into these links the research is evident and aligns with our vision to bring you a sense of calm through modalities of wellness.

Some other things that help our immune system function best are

Just to name a few. Most of these are available for little cost and boast profound benefits to our overall well being. Take sometime for yourself today and set into at least one of these practices. Grab a journal and track your progress you'll notice slight changes at first that compound over time for stress management.

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