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This a powerful idea for our elders, parents, or guardians

Throughout our lives, we are raised and led by our guardians. They are the humans that teach us just about everything from emotional regulation to work ethic.

They work tirelessly to provide us with a stable life and memories of happiness. Sometimes they get it right & sometimes they get it wrong but it's all they know.

They sacrifice their well-being to make sure we are well.

They work to make sure we don't starve.

They live in service to their families.

It's a noble disposition.

Over time we become blind to the immense effort they display and forget to give them space to recharge and rest.

As time goes on, we see the weight they used to carry effortlessly take a toll on them. We begin to see the stored emotion speak outwardly by way of wrinkles on their skin. We begin to witness their exhaustion.

It becomes our duty as their kin to take care of them and the student becomes the teacher.

A few of the most important things we can help our elders with are


Emotional regulation

Pain relief

As we approach the holidays, we consider what our guardians need.

Do they need more things, more meaningless objects, more clothing?

Here at Float Society, we help your guardians remember how important it is to fill their cups. We provide them a full opportunity to reset and recharge.

When people walk in, you can see the stress they carry, and when they leave, you can see the tangible shift in their being. Their shoulders are loose & their being is more radiant.

It truly is a beautiful thing to witness and for them to experience.

This season we implore you to lead your guardians into well-being!

We have a 4-float package special happening right now for a limited time. Curated to help fast-track their mental, energetic, and physical well-being.

Big love

Much buoyancy

The Float Society

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