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Tuning into your hearts song

Life is a great dance yet, often times we forget to tune into the sacred song of our hearts. Our collective is often bombarded with so much background noise its hard to hear to this great song. If you close your eyes and sit in stillness breathe in deep and just listen you can hear that sacred " dum dum, dum dum" that is the metronome of your life. Every movement every smile every observation is in alignment with that sound. The greatest of orchestras resonating in every cell of your body.

How do we hear it more often ? As a very big advocate of floating you know I'm going to shamelessly plug sensory deprivation. The ability to detach from all bombardment and sit with nothing but your true self allows your song to be heard. Mediation is also a great tool along with breath work. Many modalities are present here but it comes down to a few things.

Most importantly find something you truly love doing drawing, working out, singing etc these habits that we love are the best gateway to be in tune with our song. Things that bring us simple joy like that of our childhood passions. for me it was always play through imagination I would create these other worlds and allow my waking life to be seemingly intertwined with them. I would find so much joy in thinking that I was literally on the moon gravity jumping. I was also a pretty strange kid so you get the picture. nonetheless I do carry that into my adult life I often close my eyes and bring forth a different almost dream like state in which I enter creative outlets I will draw I will make music I will create designs all for the sake of stepping back into my heart space. Our greatest compass is that in which alignment of the heart and mind exists. In Quecha tradition there is a saying "Mind is conceived as the echo of the heart" when asking these indigenous peoples a question they will often not jump to answer instead they will say "my heart is thinking" they will pause logic and interject intuition before even speaking. A much slower and different pace than we are used to here in the north yet, the responses are almost always that of the sweetest medicine. Thought provoking and deep in observation of what it means to be a living breathing person.

With that I implore you to step into your hearts song. Find your gateway through what ever modality calls to you. Be grounded in your song and sing it forward with reverence and humility within your community. To a good dance to a good song good day good life !

" When we show up in the world with our song playing loudly in your chest the dance of life reciprocates our rhythm" Dominic Dastice

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