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Vision Quest pt 2

Just as I was beginning to fan the ember in preparation for the vision quest. A complete shift in presence occurred. I went to the lake near Float Society to offer a prayer, using sacred tobacco. When I began my prayer, tears of gratitude began to stream down my face. There was a deep sense of gratitude for simply just being alive.

As I offered tobacco to the water, I asked great spirit for the presence of the eagle to assist in my vision quest. The eagle is a very sacred symbol in a lot of cultures and, it always deals with pristine clarity and courage. Just as I had finished my traditional prayer, I saw 2 big wings flapping in the distance. My eyesight sharpened, and I could hear the gusts of wind being formed by each flap. The bald eagle was right in front of my eyes.

Speaking to my worry and telling me that I was going to be ok. I now had dropped my worry and found full faith in the uncertainty. Trusting that whatever intelligence that exists beyond us was there supporting me. Supporting all of us.

Sometimes when we surrender we find the most support. We get so caught up in control of the outcome when in actuality, there is not much we can control. What we can control is our own reaction to the happenings outside of us.

To be continued...

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