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What is Floating and why do we do it?

So your friend just raved about their sensory depravation experience and you're wondering what the hell are they talking about!?

Floating what is it? Floating also known as R.E.S.T ( Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy) Is the practice of eliminating all sensory input including gravity. The way it works is you enter a cabin that has been made sound proof and light proof ( sense of sight sense of sound). The cabin is filled with 10 inches of water heated to skin temperature ( sense of touch ). Then there is 1,200 - 1,800 lbs of medical grade epsom salt dissolved into the water to make the float tank solution. The epsom is what makes you float ( sense of gravity ) and per square inch is more buoyant then the dead sea. You float effortlessly anywhere from 60-90 min.

For thousands of years humans have practiced some sort of this therapy. Shamanic traditions which stem from all parts of the world used to go into dark caves for days and come out with stories and visions to share with their people. Floatation therapy really started to come to the publics attention recently with athletes and entrepreneurs using it to gain an edge on competition. A lot of well known people are starting to see what slowing down the mind can do for quality of life. At Float Society we want to share that with everyone.

The practice of restricting your sensory input has been scientifically proven to help reduce cortisol levels. Reducing cortisol helps with anxiety, inflammation, and better sleep. In today's bombardment of sensory stimulation it is crucial for us to find ways to quiet down for a bit. With better sleep comes a better lifestyle where we can be more present for our loved ones. On top of the physical health benefits there are many mental ones as well as some " spiritual" ones. Floating allows you to reflect inward and to examine the subconscious to see where tension is being held both physically and emotionally. It also allows you to become aware of certain destructive behaviors and once aware you can start taking steps to end them.

We understand this therapy is not for everyone although we sure do think everyone can benefit from it. Which is why we keep our price point so low. If we were in it for the money we would have picked a different field. Our primary goal is to connect with our community to be inspired by them and to watch them grow both individually and collectively. If there is one thing I have learned in my short time here on this floating rock. It is that we all inhibit this planet together we all go through very similar hardships and moments of raw beauty. Perhaps taking time to slow down and go inward is what we all need to be more present for the ones we love so we can make this shared space echo with moments of gratitude, beauty, and humility.

This is floatation therapy, this is Float Society, and this is why we float.

With love


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